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  1. @RomanZ The solution to the problem of nas sleeping, where will that be announced? How can I realise that it is available?
  2. @Roman Z I have now tested the package for a few days. It works fine for me. Syncing over LAN and remotely is no problem. The ds216j is discovered as a peer very fast, across all platforms. There is however the recurring problem of Sync keeping the NAS awake. I've modified the settings: folder_rescan, config_refresh and config_save are all set to very high values. With btsync stopped via the synology package manager, the NAS goes to sleep (no fan/no disk spinning), with btsync started but syncing paused the NAS doesn't go to sleep, with btsync started and syncing enabled (but no sy
  3. @Roman Z how embarrassing, that was indeed the problem. I have installed the correct package and now it works. I will keep you updated if problems occur. Once again thanks for the incredibly fast feedback and development.
  4. @Roman Z Here is the output: admin@ds_aachen:/$ /usr/local/bittorrentsync/bin/btsync --config /usr/local/bittorrentsync/var/sync.conf Segmentation fault
  5. @Bavarian-NAS sure, I'll be glad to post my experiences here. But if I may give some advice, I wouldn't buy a ds115. The price difference to the ds216j is rather small. The ds216j will bring you the faster chip and two hardware bays. This would be very important to me. Even if you don't want to mirror your data in a raid configuration, a dual bay setup will still give you a big advantage: greatly increased storage capacity. Now you may think that you only need one HDD, but soon it will be full. Then you have to upgrade. In a two-bay setup, you can keep your old drive and just add another one.
  6. Wow, you're fast. Right now I'm not at home. I'll try the package Sunday or Monday evening. Thanks.
  7. I just purchased a DS216j, amazing product but there is no sync package for the armada385 used in it yet. Apparently sometimes it's enough to open the .spk file in 7zip and edit the INFO file to contain "armada385" under arch. Unfortunately that didn't work for me. Are there plans or even an ETA for sync on the ds216j ? You do support the WD MyCloud Mirror Gen 2 that's armada385, too.
  8. I have recently moved my shared folders to a WD Mycloud Mirror Gen 2. The NAS contains three folders: Documents, Audiobooks and Movies. Both documents and audiobooks are rather small ( about 10gb each). Movies is much bigger ( about 1TB). If I start sync on my notebook, it finds my smartphone and tablet immediately. The documents and audiobooks folders from the NAS turn up after ~30 seconds. It takes several minutes until the WD Mycloud is shown as a peer for the movies folder (just checked: 7 minutes !). Indexing the folders has finished. The problem persists even days after
  9. Could you mark this as solved ? I don't think I have that option. And thank you for the good answer.
  10. You're right, it was firefox. I just installed chrome and tried again. The WebUI reacts much faster. The second reason - a busy cpu - might have contributed as well. Today firefox is faster, too. Still takes quite some time to show the file hierarchy but nothing like before.
  11. I've just created a new shared folder on my NAS (WD Mycloud Mirror Gen2) and am copying files to it from an external HDD. While the data is being copied, lots of popups appear in the webUI "file xxx has an invalid time stamp and may cause other files to be overwritten". This is not the exact text, unfortunately the error messages have stopped, I can't remember the exact phrase. Right now this folder exists only on the NAS. So it's not too late for drastic measures, re-adding it for example. How can I fix the time stamps ? Maybe it just complains because it couldn't copy t
  12. I just installed BTsync on a WD Mycloud Mirror Gen 2. After the installation I added a folder on the Mycloud. Worked great. Then I tried to connect the Mirror to "my devices". Unfortunately this informed me that all folders on the device would be lost. Well no problem, next time I'll know better. I connected it to my devices and chose "synced" as standard setting. My folders turned up and started to be transferred. So far, so good. Transfer speed was amazing. Then I tried to create a new folder on the Mycloud. Same approach as before (before I connected it
  13. Thanks for the quick answer. I know how to open ports on my router. But the only workflow I know to get them configured into sync is this : dump sample config adapt sample config start sync with --config flag and path to config file In the past this has caused sync to prompt me for a new identity and to delete previous settings. That would be fatal. Is there a way to export the current config, adapt the port without a config file or register a config file without deleting my previous settings ? And do you have news on the error that lead to an a
  14. I changed the port (of the webui) , so far there was no crash, but the log still contains lots of error messages: [20160130 10:40:24.027] UPnP: Device error "http://<ip>1:49000/MediaServerDevDesc.xml": (-2) [20160130 10:40:24.028] UPnP: Device error "http://<ip>.1:49000/l2tpv3.xml": (-2) [20160130 10:40:24.041] UPnP: ERROR mapping TCP port 11792 -> <ip>:11792. Deleting mapping and trying again: (403) Unknown result code (UPnP protocol violation?) [20160130 10:40:24.046] UPnP: ERROR removing TCP port 11792: (403) Unknown result code (UPnP protocol violation?
  15. It's sync 2.3 installed from the .deb package for the pi. I'll try to change the listening port. Thank you
  16. I'm using a raspberry pi as a server for sync. The pi itself is quite stable. It has been running for over a month without a crash. Each midnight a cronjob reboots the system and that never failed. Upon restart, another cronjob starts btsync. But sometimes in the evening the pi would vanish from the list of peers. Now the issue has become so annoying that I checked the logs. Here is the error message: DNBA5BM4RYHCNN6A]: error: CheckOriginalFile: No such file or directory (2) [20160126 21:25:15.411] TF[A219] [0x6f1aaa30][/home/pi/programs/sync/.sync/.SyncUserxxxxxxxx/devices/xxxxxxxxx/info.dat
  17. Some time ago, I bought sync pro and then found out that selective sync is not available on Linux. I posted quite a few complaints on the forums. Now I would like to thank you. You implemented this feature extremely fast. Amazing customer service. Now I can recommend this to all my friends - most of which are die-hard linux users - as a full-fledged backup alternative.
  18. Thank you for the quick answer. Since it was important for me to have the data online and since it was only ~20gb of data, I deleted the files from the pi and synced them over from the PC. That didn't take too long and now the pi syncs with all other devices. I couldn't reproduce the problem.
  19. I switch on my PC, create a sync folder called "audiobooks" fill it with content and copy the content to a USB-Stick. I switch on my raspberry pi, plug in the stick and connect the sync folder to the already existing "audiobooks" folder on the stick. The folder was shared via "My devices". I switch off my PC I switch on my notebook and connect the sync folder to a new folder. The raspberry pi is online, the notebook lists it as a peer. But nothing is synced. I switch on my PC, instantly the notebook starts synching. I switch off my PC, synching stops. I switch off my notebook and switch on my
  20. Some time ago I tried to set up sync on my server back at home. Didn't work. Within the local network the software worked fine, syncing over lan or wlan was no problem, but no peers outside of the local network were found. It turned out that sync does not support ipv6. Yesterday evening a sync message popped up on my notebook "X wants to access the folder". Which is really strange, since I'm at home right now. Sync works fine. All peers are found, connections are stable, uplink and downlink are amazing. I definitely have only ipv6. There is no ipv4 available. Is this an official feature now ?
  21. While I have no idea how to solve this, maybe my setup will work for you, too: Download the ARM build for sync (from the website, not as deb). Extract the executable to a folder of your choice. For me that is /home/pi/programs/sync/btsync. Then install the program "gnome-schedule" which is a nice interface to schedule cronjobs. Start gnome schedule and run this command at reboot: ./path-to-executable The ./ is important. This will run the executable at system startup. It works reliably for me.
  22. I've set folder-rescan to zero and added a debug.txt file with 0000 in my storage folder (to disable debug logs). In the help article it is also advised to set config refresh and config save intervals very high. But I figured that since the configuration is in the .sync folder on the sd card it shouldn't spin up the drives when accessed. I'm using an rpi with an external HDD. Unfortunately that doesn't work. Could that be related to the config files, or do I have to look elsewhere ?
  23. @Moe, the questions were completely different. This one was how to update sync. The other one was wether the rpi build is different from the arm build. This was my other question: Here I asked wether an upgrade is as easy as switching executables and wether the .sync folder will be recognized automatically.But thanks for the detailed answer. Good to know that sync is so easy to update.