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  1. Hello All, I use BT sync to sync up my music folders across computers. For some reason, an entire subdirectory of music was deleted from one computer (by BT Sync I think). That subdirectory is still completely populated in the other computer. Strange. Other than that, BT Sync seems to think it's all updated. Is there any way for me to restart the sync process between comps, making sure not to delete any files, and when files aren't identical, for me to resolve the conflicts? I have BT Sync 2 on both comps now, but the share was originally established with 1.4... thanks...
  2. thanks for the reply. It's windows asking me for the creds (it's a User Account Control thing). And, just when I launch sync.
  3. Hi all, Been using sync for coming on a year now. Just recently upgraded to 1.4.106 on my Win 7 Ent x64 box, and now it's asking me for an admin login every time I start it up. I say "no" (since i don't have admin rights), and it seems to work ok. But annoying to keep being asked. Tried installing as admin (had my IT guy do that), but still have the same problem. Any ideas about what might be happening? thanks!