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  1. One of the things I liked prior to v2.0 was that all peers were equal. Then in v2.0 ownership of folders was introduced, which actually in general is not a problem, but I want a bit more flexibility. e.g. if I added a second client, then I wish I could share the folder from there as well (i.e. no need to get the share link from the owner). - Is it possible to transfer ownership of a folder from one client to another? - is it possible to allow non-owner client to generate the share-link? (and approve new clients?)
  2. I am having this exact same issue. I was wondering if anybody else noticed this & maybe has a solution In my case, I have an NFS share mounted on my server and want to run BTSync on that server. Changes from other clients are propageted properly, but changes from the server do not propogate. (the reason for this setup is that my NAS cannot run btsync but the files that I want to share are on the NAS)