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  1. I've installed 2.0.105 using my method linked above, and it's working okay. .93 wasn't saving settings (or something along those lines was buggy), if I recall correctly, but starting with .104 BTS has been running pretty smoothly. Still not impressed with the fact that the ReadyNAS app still lags a few versions behind for no apparent reason. With BTS2 the whole folder linking process across devices is really convoluted, too.
  2. @striderbih I've installed every update to BTSync 2.0 over previous ones since the first beta builds. I don't know if that's advised, but it's worked for me. Also keep in mind that I have a very simple setup: One folder with non-essential files synced across multiple devices. You could stick with 2.0.85, but if you want to update to 2.0.93, it's possible by downloading either the Linux desktop x64 or ARM version and swapping out the .bin executable files over FTP.
  3. Looks like an "official" version of BTSync 2.0 is finally available for ReadyNAS, though it requires a few extra steps on the part of the user. Please see my post in this thread for details.
  4. Even though no one is responding, it does look like there's been some progress on the BTSync 2.0 for ReadyNAS front. The "Platforms > Other" page for BTSync still says "Coming Soon" under ReadyNAS. But if you go to the ReadyNAS OS 6 apps page and scroll down, you'll see that BTSync is listed at 2.0.85-1 for both X64 and ARM. You can then download the corresponding Debian installer for your model and manually upload it to your NAS. Note that this semi-current version does *not* appear in the ReadyNAS GUI's built-in "Available Apps" section! Once you've installed the app, you can toggle
  5. What model ReadyNAS are you running? The ARM instruction set is only for the ARM architecture, which I think is only for the RN1xx models. If you've got a model other than that, it should, I think, be the X86 version. EDIT: Okay, in addition to the ARM version, there's an i386 version, an X64, plus one each for glib(?). So I am clueless as to which one should apply to non-ARM models. And the other thing is, if it's as easy as grabbing an existing Linux version and chucking it into a Debian installer, why in god's name can't the BTSync team do it themselves and make it available for downlo
  6. Yeah, I think the third-party-compile route for BTSync 2.0 has run its course. I have the unofficial 2.0.52 version working on my ReadyNAS, but it's deeply flawed (see my posts above). Which means we're stuck waiting for the BTSync team to release the stable 2.0 for ReadyNAS. But they can't even appear to get the auto-update mechanism working on desktop OS versions — even though, as I mentioned, they made sure the "Upgrade to Pro" countdown is working just fine.
  7. BTSync 2.0 has been out as a stable release for the better part of a month. So why is the ReadyNAS platform, which is ostensibly supported, still "coming soon"? As I've mentioned in another thread, I have a really hard time coughing up money for the pro version when every update of BTS for ReadyNAS so far has been supplied by a hobbyist from that platform's forums. We saw more timely official updates from the free 1.x line.
  8. I don't know what's behind JoeJoomla's Java errors, or if his and my issues are related, but I have confirmed that I'm seeing a reversion to default l/p and device name after every restart of the NAS. This could be because the user-supplied BTSync add-on is still at version 2.0.52, whereas the current stable release with additional updates and bug fixes is at 2.0.85. And the BTSync team still shows no apparent sign ("Coming Soon") of releasing a promised build for the ReadyNAS platform — although the one aspect of their software that is most certainly working is the one counting down the num
  9. Sometimes you have to clear your browser cache. This was an issue with the BTSync GUI in 1.x too. A different problem I've observed is that the l/p seem to be reverting back to the default after a restart, even though new login credentials have been entered and saved. Will have to give it a bit more testing.
  10. Super-Poussin is indeed as super as his handle suggests. He's created an updated Debian installer that works beautifully. It's available via the Dropbox link above. If any members of the BTSync team are reading this, it's hard to feel inclined to pony up the $30/yr for Pro when my preferred platform — ostensibly supported — is ignored, and the solution took a skilled coder precisely two minutes. Super-Poussin also said that he shared his sources with the BTSync team, so I'm not sure why ReadyNAS has been hung out to dry now that stable builds are being released.
  11. I've appealed to Super-Poussin to create an updated Debian installer, but no joy yet. Also interesting that the most up-to-date version of BT Sync 2.0 is currently available for every NAS platform other than ReadyNAS.
  12. For anyone with the same question as mine, a generous and tech-savvy ReadyNAS user has created a Debian installer for BT Sync 2.0. You can download it via Dropbox.
  13. The problem isn't with my reading comprehension, it's with my knowledge of the install/uninstall process. Because the 2.0 versions only come as .bin executables, I'm not sure how to install them on the ReadyNAS, which uses .deb files for the install process. I thought that by swapping out the 1.4 .bin file for the 2.0, I was uninstalling and installing completely.
  14. I installed the 1.x version through the built-in ReadyNAS Apps feature. What I hoped to do was swap out the old bin executable with the newer one, since that's all that's bundled in the .tar.gz file, but that doesn't work.
  15. My ReadyNAS is a key device in my whole BT Sync chain. Unfortunately, all attempts to upgrade (even from 1.x -> 1.x releases) have failed for me. "Failed to initialize" is the error I get. Is there any easy way to install 2.0 on my ReadyNAS? If so, what's the step-by-step process? I'm running an RN314 (x86, ReadyNAS OS 6).