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  1. Vasaka, I suppose the moderator does have a valid point so I am not unduly upset that my link was Moderated out, however the changes performed on Syncthing to support V4 does indicate that it can be done without too much effort and doesn't look that difficult to propogate forward, I wonder why its so much effort for BitTorrent Sync? I wonder if this will be moderated out as well
  2. Thanks for responding Richard-bt, I can appreciate that you need to target the larger customer base with the the resources you have and hope that wd will implement an app store and switches to a hybrid 64k/4k kernel but I won't be holding my breath.
  3. Hi Richard-bt, I am a new owner of a wdmycloud and can see the benefits of sync as a solution with my network needs and have been following this thread with great interest. Perhaps Magarick or some other more knowledgeable user will probably correct me if I am wrong, but from my limited reasearching of installing sync on the WDMycloud it has always been necessary to use ssh to install sync and as you have said:- "While cross compiling Sync just for My Cloud 64k alignment shouldn't be terribly difficult" why not just do it for those who have already invested the time and effort to integrate sync into their NAS solution but need the stability/performance that V4 offers?
  4. Hi, just adding my vote for the rebuild, I hate downgrading firmware as it is a backwards step, I have searched the site looking for a product raodmap of what will be available and when, is there one?