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  1. HI. After many years of faithful service it seems my trusty old dlink dns320L has finally bitten the bullet and died. so I'm looking at replacement products. got my eye on a synology 216 or 218 i believe it is.. does anyone have any experience with these or any similar products and resilio. one of the things im looking for is something a bit easier to set up than my old 320l was. which is one reason i was looking at synology it seems its pretty much just a case of click and install in its DSM software. so any advice, suggestions, experience or recommendations are appreciated. Thanks :)
  2. I was experiencing this problem as well and had resorted to using alt f4 to shutdown my computers. I did receive an email from Microsoft support a a couple of days ago saying a question had received an update:- Source:- Hope this helps. has worked for me thus far. restarted my computers quite a few times just to test it
  3. Something i'd like to suggest for future versions of sync is the ability to group folders somehow. maybe create groups directly or color code them. In one of my sync set ups for example my network storage syncs my own documents, pictures, favorites, media, and downloads folders, It also syncs my partners documents, pictures, favorites, media and downloads, and our kids documents, pictures, favorites, media and downloads. and even my parents (not very tech savvy so I try to keep there stuff back ed up for when they bust something) it then syncs the dcim and media folder on my android phone, and my partners and kids. there then becomes an issue when you look at the sync ui and see for example 4 documents folders or 4 dcim folders or even 8 media folders.. I think it'd be a pretty good feature to be able to organise these these somehow, maybe create a group called my stuff. and have my synced folders there, then my partners folders in another group and again for kids. or perhaps color code them. give my syncs blue folder icons and my partners syncs red folder icons for example. something to make it easier to identify which dcim folder goes to which device sort of thing without having to check the peers list for every folder all the time.
  4. I do not see a md-refresh-interval in the power settings. What would that option do and could it be added to the .conf file manually. The nas device in question is a d link dns-320l pretty old I believe as you don't do packages for it. So I'm only able to use packages done by a third party and currently 2.3 is the latest. What I was hoping to do was set up encrypted shares for my folders using this device and setting it up away from home. At my parents or something so I have a copy of important data away from home without needing to cough up for Dropbox or Gmail subscription costs. It seems strange that 2.2 my device sleeps but 2.3 it doesn't even with the exact same settings.
  5. Ok recently put some new drives in an old nas box I got and upgraded sync to the latest package available on my model currently 2.3. set it up to do my shares and set the usual options folder rescan config frefresh and debug to 0000. after it synced everything left it and later realised my nas was not going to sleep. stopped the sync service to test and sure enough went to sleep after 5-10 mins. started the service and again sync stayed awake for hours. so uninstalled 2.3 and installed 2.2 did all the settings again and the drive went to sleep straight away. is there something in newer versions of sync that keeps the nas awake. I was hoping to use a newer version where I could set up encrypted folder on a remote location so would like to find a way to make the nas sleep using newer versions.
  6. running anything else? my nas runs a minidlna server which sometimes spins up the drives whenever any dlna device connected to my network is turned on, they will spin down again if not accessed though, I have config save set at 86400 seconds, and rescan tracker and relay set to 300 seconds, my drives sleep normally with these options. if I'm correct I believe "config refresh" is the same as "rescan tracker and relay" depends which sync you're running. (2.2.1 myself) and thus I don't believe config refresh should keep your drives awake. the save might though. although if it is to sd card I can't see why it would wake the drives. worth trying it to see? if 0 doesn't work try 86400 (24hours) at one point I discovered a cause for my drives being awake was that my nas was mapped as a network drive on my pcs, so windows always connected to it. removed the mapping and solved the issue.
  7. My folder rescan is set to a day. (86400 seconds) on my nas and have the logs disabled. lets my drives sleep really well. also have my tracker / relay rescan set to 5 minutes (300 seconds) I've found this option doesn't wake my drives. with these settings I've honestly never had an issue with syncs, they're almost instantaneous wherever I am, I can be using my laptop on a wireless network 200 miles from home and sync still picks up peers at home and syncs changes almost immediately with my home nas, perhaps it's something to do with using trackers and relay server options but neither of these interfere with my drives sleeping. so you shouldn't have any issues at all with a high rescan. did not know you could set it to 0 though. might try that at somepoint.
  8. Also wondering about this, was looking for a way to delete disconnected peers from the list as I've recently changed mobiles and reinstalled an os on one of my pcs, so now have 2 peers i'd like to delete as they no longer exist.
  9. any answer for my earlier question. does the owner need to be online every time a peer connects or just the first time with advanced folders? cheers
  10. another question. based on this extract from the faq "Advanced (formerly known as 2.0) folders are available in Pro only and are designed for sharing and collaboration. Owners of advanced folders can change or revoke access at any time. Only an owner can share the folder, and the device that created the link must be online for a peer to connect." is this for the first time only or everytime? for example if device a owns a folder will devices b and c still sync that folder with each other if device a is offline assuming they have both connected to a previously. or will those devices not sync until device a is back online?
  11. I asked because on the devices in question sync is installed via addon packages which can be slow to be updated. things like this. i know sync can be installed via ssh / telnet but i don't know how. this is why I was wondering if a perpetual license would work on older versions. so I could use my perpetual license on my nas until an updated package is available will keep an eye out for updated packages i guess.
  12. Great news. shall definitely be looking to get a perpetual licence for sync. quick question. do perpetual licenses work on older versions of sync? there are a couple of devices around my sync network that install sync via addons and these addons can be a little slow to be updated. think one of the nas devices I keep at my parents as an off site back up, hasn't been updated since 2.1 would my 2.2 identity / perpetual license work on this device? cheers
  13. is 1.4 likely to work on windows 10? if for some reason there's issues will they be fixed? with the free upgrade to windows 10 coming up, just checking if any of my software will have problems. and like many people have said 2.0s subscription pricing model is a big no no.
  14. It really doesnt make it cheaper in the long term. if a user paid for a perpetual license for 2.0. There's a good chance a user may be using hat same version for a few years. At which point the cost for that user would be $40 for 3 years use of software. Where as a subscription plan that 3 years would costbthat user $120. Which ultimately means it costs the customers more money not less. In that time though there may be several new versions or updates added features thats cool but its likely none of those new features or updates are of any interest to many of your customers. In a way it's like windows. Windows 8 had all these new features and functions but for the most part none of them were wanted. And thus given the choice most people are still using windows xp or 7. Sync could be the very same. Version 3 may have new functions or features but users won't be interested and thus continue to use Version 2. like many I'd pay for a perpetual license for 2.0 pro. but I'm unwilling to pay for a subscription model. Where if next year version 3s new features dont appeal to me and thus I dont pay. Then version 2 stops working. The subscription fee is the one thing thats stops me paying for sync. And thus I'm still using 1.4 and will continue to do so. Which equals lost revenue for the developers of sync
  15. Bit of a work around but can be dome. on pc create a folder and add it to sync get the read write key. turn of the camera uploads on your phone. on your mobile add that key and point it to the dcim folder. et voila. may be alternate ways but this is the method I used on my mobile.