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  1. HI. After many years of faithful service it seems my trusty old dlink dns320L has finally bitten the bullet and died. so I'm looking at replacement products. got my eye on a synology 216 or 218 i believe it is.. does anyone have any experience with these or any similar products and resilio. one of the things im looking for is something a bit easier to set up than my old 320l was. which is one reason i was looking at synology it seems its pretty much just a case of click and install in its DSM software. so any advice, suggestions, experience or recommendations are appreciated.
  2. I was experiencing this problem as well and had resorted to using alt f4 to shutdown my computers. I did receive an email from Microsoft support a a couple of days ago saying a question had received an update:- Source:- Hope this helps. has worked for me thus far. restarted my computers quite a few times just to test it