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  1. Thank you for this detailed explanation of the tool. It was very helpful. I am still working to determine how I can use the tool and if its the best solution for the current problem Im working to address now. Even so, I think I will find many other uses for it in the future. One final question I'm trying to find the answer to: I have found that btsync running on my linux server is storing files under the root user. I have been unable to find out how I can set it to store files under a particular linux user which can then be accessed via an sFTP server I have setup. Is there some configurat
  2. I am brand new to BitTorrent Sync and this forum. I have a question about how to handle something I am trying to use this product for. Essentially I am using this to sync up several workstations with one another having a central server containing all data. Each work station will have selected folders based on its specific needs. The issue I have is version control. My understanding is that whoever saves the files last will be the one who retains the file changes and the person who saves first will loose their changes. Another fear I have is if somebody accidentally deletes files or a direct