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  1. Hmm good question. I think that I would pay 60$ for a 3 pack in version 4 or 5. That would be with the assumption that the program is closing in on a "final" product by those versions, currently it still feels like a beta product working half the time. jaredthirsk, I'll take a look at that solution too.
  2. I am now running version 2.0.93 running on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Ubuntu. And this is still a problem, I fear that having more than one pc able to write in the folders is dangerous, so I'm going to try having only 1 pc that can write, and make the rest read only.
  3. I can confirm this problem. My setup: PC1 has newest file is read+write, PC2 is a linux server to act as cloud and readonly, PC3 has old file and is read+write. PC1 syncs to PC2 with the new file, PC3 is offline. PC3 goes online and syncs with PC2, now uploading the old file and overwriting the new file, PC1 is offline. PC1 goes online and syncs with PC2, now receiving the old file, PC3 is offline. The new file is now removed unless you have backup of it. The reason for PC1 and PC3 to both have write is because my laptop and desktop should both be able to add/update/delete files, but the n