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  1. Its one folder with one 1gb file in it I created for testing. I can sync that file down on the same network on my laptop at full speed on my server 2008 system it syncs at 800k. The disk usage is very low on the server. I am going to attempt a uninstall and reinstall right now I cant get the logs to update to see whats going on.
  2. Having some speed issues with sync and I would like to uninstall and reinstall and retain my synced folders so It doesn't have to re-upload everything, Its a pretty large database of files. Whats the best way to keep my folder database intact? Been trying to troubleshoot but the log file wasn't updating so I deleted it and now the new one isnt showing up.
  3. Whats the best way to narrow down whats causing slow download speeds? I have a 100up 100down on each side and on the downloading side in the same network can get the full 10 megabytes or 100 megabits down on one computer while another computer on the same network sees maybe 800k and I've tried disabling the firewall on it also with no change.
  4. Logs sent I think it might be computer related my other computer has no problem doing it at full upload speed.
  5. Here's what its doing currently bottom sync is cutting on and off.
  6. I am syncing large files no small files I was saying the upload speed varies from 800kB to 1.8 MB when syncing a large directory of files. Basically what I did was picked on folder from the directory I was going to sync and it uploaded at 5-6MB a sec then when I chose the whole directory which contains multiple folders with large files 5-10GB in each folder it was slower only uploading at 800kB to 1.8 MB. Where do I need to send my logs to?
  7. Running the newest version " I'm getting a couple issues. One being if I share a single folder with 2 large files in it I'm getting 5-6 "megabytes" up ( I have fiber). When I share a directory containing multiple folder with single large files in them seeing 800kB -1.8 MB upload. The next issues is if I share the links before the indexing is complete and ive added a bunch of directories the indexing basically just stops and never finishes and the uploads dont seem to really even start 50-80kB upload. One other question is can mapped network folder be shared via btsync?
  8. Awesome something to look forward to !
  9. Any thoughts on creating away for users to send download only links that would download sort of stand alone and end the sync once completed? Basically a file server with some sort of small download manager application the user would be prompted to download once he click on the link. Or maybe some sort of web interface that clients can download from.
  10. Sync works perfect with the new version why isn't it updated in the synoCommunity?
  11. Seems to be working way better now with the Update. Now I just need to figure out how to make this run as service on my server
  12. I get an error when trying to install "This Package Does Not Contain a Digital Signature" Nevermind Just had to select any publisher
  13. My fault I meant BitTorrent Sync I am running 2.093-1. I was trying to use Syncthing but it didnt show up in synoCommunity. Will I have to resync everything if I upgrade to 2.2?
  14. Just purchased a DS415+ installed Syncthing 2.093-1 which is the available version. And its really slow to noticing changes and its only doing 1 to 2 folders at a time right now ( however this is the 1st sync so its doing a ton of files) but the cpu isnt maxed on on the nas or the server. Anyway to get it to do all the folders at once? I got one folder of 7 fully synced I made a change to the folder after the others started about 30 min ago and it still hasn't updated the NAS with the new file I added to test.