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  1. @Helen I running Android 4.4 on a Galaxy Note II (with Sync 2.0.80 most recently). Specifically, whenever I attempt to change the default folder location (in Advanced Settings) in Syn, I get the "Unfortunately, Sync has stopped." message. Clicking OK (or report) restarts Sync.
  2. I also had issues with the 1.4 to 2.0 upgrade. Unfortunately I've unsuccessfully tried to back everything out a variety of ways: 1 - uninstall 2.0 and reinstall 1.4.65 via the APK 2 - reinstall 2.0 via the store (which indicated that a 1.4 folder was still present) 3 - delete all traces of the previous install (by uninstalling, deleting all sync folders including hidden files, and deleting the from the data folder, and then install 2.0 "clean". All three share the same issue on the Android side, I am unable to change the default folder or sync any folder not created and assigned by BTsync. Any attempt to change folders in 2.0.80 crashes the app. No attempt to change folders even proved possible in the reinstall of 1.4.65 mentioned under point 1. Is this part of the same issue RomanZ referenced on the 9thwhen addressing @jdrch? If so, what is the timetable for a fix?
  3. @GreatMarko, thanks for the info. While not definitive. it is helpful.
  4. Can I take this to mean that Vista will never work for Sync 2.0 (and you need add a message to confirm that during an install attempt)?
  5. @frank@btsync Version 1.4.111 released today, but the only way I know to get it is to install 1.4.110 and allow/ask it to update to 1.4.111. Version 2 also released today.
  6. @RomanZ I'm considering the upgrade to 2.0. Was pleased to see 2.0 to 1.4 downgrade instructions in the help center. That said, I don't see any place to download version 1.4 (should I choose to regress) AND I don't see any guidance on Windows Vista. Does 2.0 work on Vista at all or is Vista done at 1.4?
  7. Thank you very much. I missed that setting when I was looking at them before.
  8. Have system syncing roughly 1.5 TB between two USB hard drives in separate locations. Files are located in 4 separate sync folders. Issue I'm having is that one or more of the synced folder will lock in "Out of Sync" state. I'm running V1.4.110 on a Win7 64 bit on one end and 32bit Vista on the other. Both ends are fully patched. Until today, I've always been able to clear that state by locating all 0 byte (non .!Sync) files on the receiving end of the "out of sync" folder pair. Today this failed. The only 0 byte files present had .!Sync extensions. I tried deleting these files, but they were recreated without restoring proper sync operation. (I.e., they were recreated but state remained "out of sync" and the Peers column showed 1 of 1 Peer like it should.) Today I did clear the out of sync state by stopping Sync on both ends (both peers simultaneously) then restarting BTSync on both machines. (Initially I stopped only one end but the fault remained after restarting that process.) Two notes: 1) I have never had this problem in the first folder (which is orders of magnitude larger than the others both in file count and total bytes and synchronizes many more files than all others together), only on the three secondary folders (most commonly on the second largest folder of the four which is the next busiest). 2) I attempted to collect logs today, but found that they restarted with BTSync and all information from the previous "out of sync" state was already lost. I still have thousands of files in the largest folder resyncing, so the logs use up the appearent 10 MB default size limit very quickly (in 2 to 3 minutes!). Anything I can do to increase this log file size and catch this in the act next time?