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  1. Since updating to .110 I have seen two issues. The most severe one involves PowerPoint files. While I'm editing a PPT file on Windows I am sometimes unable to save updates to the file. The save operation will fail and instead I have to do a save as to a different file name. I've also seen related problems. I can't say for sure this is due to .110 but to try to isolate things I started pausing sync'ing when editing PPT files. Since starting this I have not run into this error. Not a smoking gun of course but worth mentioning. I never ran into this with previous versions. Another problem which seems to be worse (or maybe I've just been unlucky) is getting the message about there being no peers and hence my Windows machines not sync'ing. The only 'fix' I have found is to either log out and log back in or restart Windows. It's pretty annoying because in the past I can't recall encountering these two issues and BT Sync was like magic.