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  1. Hi there, First post here - I have searched around a bit but can't find the answer to this question - I've just installed Bittorrent Sync on my headless Ubuntu Server 14.04 using the apt-get method. All is running fine and I can sync a folder for which I have an existing key (generated on another machine) succesfully by editing /etc/btsync/myinstance.conf to share a specific folder and copying in that existing key. Now, what I want to do is to CREATE a newly shared folder on my Ubuntu box, and generate a new key. I've not got the web UI enabled currently and as I'm working remotely I can't enable the necessary port forwards to make that work for a few days yet. Is there a way to generate a new folder key using terminal-only means? I've tried btsync --generate-keyand ./btsync --generate-key as found on several tutorials/forums, but I only get btsync: command not found.Apologies if this is very straightforward, I just can't quite find the solution to this... Many thanks! Jeroen