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  1. I'm new to the BTSync scene, and I literally just finished getting my sync setup working. I have multiple devices and a single remote server all syncing together, and I have more than 10 base folders. Some folders only sync with some devices, and other folders sync with other devices. For them to say that one would really benefit from the Pro version if one has more than 10 shared folders is patently false. The pro version doesn't give me (specifically) any extra value except for the removal of the 10 folder limit. Thankfully I haven't invested that much time into this application. I have found, however, that Syncthing (written in Google's Go which is awesome) is a great drop-in replacement for btsync. Like most of the other posters, I would gladly pay for the BTSync software if it were a one time fee. I will not pay a subscription for this type of application. I should say that I *would* have paid for BTSync if it were a one time fee. Since they introduced the subscription version, I went looking for alternatives. It is safe to say that I probably wouldn't have found Syncthing if they didn't announce this subscription model. To put this into context, you can get Office 365 for about $60/year. I hated the fact that Microsoft went to a subscription model with Office, but $60/year for the full office suite is a decent value. $40/year for a product that sends data from one of my devices to another one of my devices, using my own bandwidth, and my own hardware -- I'll skip it thank you... Kudos to you guys for making a great product, but I think you guys missed the boat on monetizing this. Good luck!