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  1. On 3/9/2016 at 4:14 PM, AnnHashaway said:

    Thank you @RomanZ! That pointed me in the right direction to get it working.

    For anyone else looking at this, here is what I did:

    Disclaimer - I'm not a linux expert, so use at your own risk.

    1. Removed /etc/init.d/btsync to prevent auto-start

    2. Created .btsync folder in user home folder

    3. Created storage_path folder in .btsync folder

    4. Copied /etc/btsync/user_config.json and /var/run/btsync/ to .btsync folder

    5. Edited user_config.json as follows:

        "listening_port" : 0,
        "storage_path" : "/home/USER/.btsync/storage_path/",
        "pid_file" : "/home/USER/.btsync/",
        "agree_to_EULA": "yes",
        "webui" :
            "listen" : ""

    6. Created a crontab entry to run a script that launches btsync using the newly created user_config.json file at boot. You could skip the script and just put the following entry into the USER's crontab to start on boot:

    @reboot bash /usr/bin/btsync --config /home/USER/.btsync/user_config.json

    7. Finally, I removed the BTSync PPA from Settings > Software & Updates > Other Software so I can control any changes in the future.



    This helped me out on Ubuntu 16.04 but I also had to remove the file


    everything else worked fine.

    Also instead of completely removing the ppa, I just put a hold on the package so I could at least see when updates happened

    sudo apt-mark hold btsync


  2. On 5/19/2016 at 4:49 PM, Moe said:

    What version are you on? And where did you look for that option within the BitTorrent Sync WebGUI?

    Go to Options -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Power User

    I know it's been a while since I responded, but I was very ill.


    So upon looking I have version 2.0.93 and I don't see a power user option in my web GUI. Also I guess I should mention I'm running sync, on Linux.

  3. Hi Folks,




    I will update the btsync package in a few hours from now to version 2. This is your last chance to switch the repository in order to keep your installation on version 1.4. Beware: there is no easy way back. There are some implications due to the new functionality of Version 2.0: since version 2.0 has an automatic synchronisation of shared folders in a 2.0 identity, the directory_root parameter in the configuration file must point to writable directory, if you link your instance to another already configured 2.0 device.


    If you are operating a default instance maintained by debconf, directory_root is automatically set to the home directory of the user you selected as the user  the instance is running. If the default user (btsync) or a user with a UID < 1000 was selected, /mnt is taken as directory_root and the owner of /mnt will be changed to the user. Obviously you can change the directory_root at any time via dpkg-reconfigure btsync.


    If you have self maintained configuration files, you should make sure a directory_root is specified, if you wish to link the instance to another device.


    Stay tuned.


    Maybe you should put th information about the 2nd repo in the OP that way it's easier for people to locate :) Just a suggestion.

    "I've had multiple folders set up for a long time"
    - I used Windows XP for a long time, time to move forward.


    There is no need to be rude. I have no problem paying for software, what I have a problem with is a subscription. I would gladly pay over $100.00 for a lifetime option of btsync with no major features added and security fixes only. If I want new features I would be happy to pay again for a version with those new features. But as it stands why do I need to pay $40.00 a year for this peice of software doesn't even offer remote hosting of my files?


  5. Dear community,


    Sync 1.4.110 is now available on download site. Here is direct link. It is available via auto-update since 2015 Feb 18!


    Change log

    - Fixed issue with Sync hanging due to invalid filename characters

    - Fixed issue with Sync preventing HDD from sleeping on NAS*

    - Fixed some incorrect localization text

    - Fixed issue with confusing old and new filenames in history when renaming

    - Added new advanced parameter for Linux - config_save_interval

    - Minor fixes and changes

    - Remove asterisks in return values of “get_prefs” API call

    - Fixed sporadic Out-Of-Sync issues**


    * To allow NAS sleeping when Sync is running set folder_rescan_interval, config_refresh_interval and config_save_interval to some significant value, for example - 3600 (seconds). Also fully disable logging by creating "debug.txt" file in storage folder containing "0000" (four zero symbols).

    ** The "Out-of-Sync" issue has a number of root causes and we know that not all of them are addressed at the moment. Link to the topic dedicated to fixing the issue is below.


    Full change log history can be found here.


    Important Notes on Sync 1.4

    Downgrade to 1.3 is not possible after installing Sync 1.4.

    (If you wish to downgrade - please uninstall Sync removing all settings, then install 1.3 and configure all folders from scratch)


    Important Notes for Sync 1.3 Users

    Windows XP and Server 2003 clients using Sync 1.3.x will not receive auto-updates to 1.4, but can still update to 1.4 manually.


    Known issues

    - UI is tiny on high resolution displays [Workaround]

    - Sync may continually re-index SMB shares [Discussion]

    - Checkboxes once selected may move out of alignment on OSX Yosemite [Discussion]

    - Certain models of Android mobile devices cause deleted files to return with 0-size

    - Sometimes Sync gets stuck with out-of-sync state [Discussion]





    where is the link to 1.4.111, please?






    Try the Direct Link