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  1. On my QNAP TS-269L, it just sat there as well and seemed like it wasn't working. I tried reloading the page, however, and it appears that the linking did work, after all. Maybe just a UI bug?
  2. Just tried the latest (2.0.85) x86 package, and it does indeed work on my TS-269L. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the fast reply, Richard, and thanks to everyone else for chiming in, too. Initially, I did install the 2.0 package as an update to the 1.4 version I had installed. I have also, however, tried uninstalling it completely and installing it fresh, with the same results. Whenever I install the 2.0 package, I do get one notification, saying that the old configuration has been moved. I haven't tried SSHing in yet, but I can try that later. I'm a bit confused about the x86_64 thing -- isn't the Intel Atom in my model a 64-bit processor, so shouldn't I be installing 64-bit pa
  4. I was surprised by the folder limit, too, even though I've been using the Sync 2.0 alpha and been keeping up with news about the Pro version. There was no mention of this in the original Pro announcement: It feels like a bit of a sneaky/deceptive move, to quietly pull this out with the 2.0 final release, and I'm definitely disappointed about the limit.
  5. I've just installed the x86_64 Sync 2.0.81 package on my QNAP TS-269L and, while it installs without error, it doesn't seem to run at all. When I click on the link to access the web interface, on port 14859, I can't connect. In addition, my PC's sync 2.0 client shows the NAS peer as offline. Is this package broken? Am I missing something? Thanks for any ideas!