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  1. Just throwing my hat in that I agree a one time license fee for major versions obviously seems to fit the BTSync model more naturally and fairly. I'd pay between 60-80 dollars per major version without batting an eye, and probably up to like 120-130, but 40/yr sucks out loud.
  2. That was my plan, but @RomanZ made it sound like I would need some additional db files from %appdata% ...
  3. Ah, the "hold shift, then click 'Add folder'" is really all I was looking for. I'm not actually paranoid enough to go around generating my own keys just for the hell of it -- at least not yet. While I'm in this thread though ... exactly what is needed from the "storage" folder? just the .DB file? a .journal? a .db-wal? Here is my use case: I have a large folder on my desktop that I want to back up to my brother, but I don't want him to have access to the contents (therefore I would only give him encrypted read only key). However, the folder is VERY large, but the contents do not change
  4. I can't either. I posted about my shitty workaround in the troubleshooting forum here: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/34307-how-do-we-create-encrypted-read-only-peers-in-20/ but have received no comment on whether there's a simpler way that doesn't require providing your own random data or using old 1.4 folders.
  5. it would appear they're set to use the pro "on demand sync" thing where it syncs placeholders until you double click them, and then it pulls down the full file. if you right click your "white" folders, there should be a "sync all" switch you can flip on. i think. this new stuff is weird.
  6. This is not reasonable. Please release an update that has a proper opt-out.
  7. This seems silly to me too. In 1.4 I had some links set up for example on my desktop I'd have a folder called "To Macbook" that synced to a folder on my macbook called "To Desktop". Is this sort of thing no longer possible? To me this was a handy advantage over, say, dropbox.
  8. does the 10 folder limit apply even if you're using old key-based 1.4 folders? like, do you only get 10 new 2.0 identity-based folders? or 10 total?
  9. Whether or not there's a new and improved 2.0 way to do this that's just incredibly well-hidden, it looks like sync 2.0's backward compatibility includes 1.4-style ERO peers. Probably existing ones work, the problem is creating new ones, since i scrapped and redid pretty much my whole btsync deploy to try the 2.0 stuff on my non-ERO stuff (which is most of it, and the important stuff), i was kind of in a pickle as there's no way to generate new 1.4-style keys in the 2.0 UI. Building off this post and combining it with the "fun facts" from this one, after some trial and error my process to ge
  10. topic says it all, i can't figure out how to do it. i thought we weren't going to lose any functionality?