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  1. BT: I want to add that the one of the top reasons for many people who look beyond Dropbox, Box, or others is to find a solution that protect their privacy. When your company does something like this, it severely undermines your credibility. I'm walking the walk and have uninstalled BT Sync from my Mac and my NAS.
  2. Do customers have your assurances you won't try something like this with BT Sync? I'm sure there will be people defending the company by saying that users need to pay attention to what they're agreeing or installing. But a business that takes advantage of, and maybe even counts on, user's trust to sneak past adware is not a long term strategy.
  3. Hi, I'm having the same exact problem, except it's on a TS-451 (Intel Celeron Dual Core) and this is a brand new install (no previous versions loaded before). I installed the x86_64 package, and when I try to open the app, the browser won't load. I'm not familiar with SSH so I didn't run the command you listed. Can I provide any other info?