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  1. Hi there, On it states the following: ==== SNIP ==== Note: Sync Secrets are now referred to as Keys; however, method calls in the API remain the same and are referred to as ‘Secrets’. Please see ‘Get Secrets’ for documentation on how to use Secrets in the API. Method calls referencing 'Secrets' will only work with 1.4 folders, not 2.0 folders. ==== SNAP ==== This raises many question to me. 1. If I have a Server running 1.4 and use the Sync API to create Folders, will a Version 2.0 client be able to connect to it? 2. Can i have a version 2.0 server, what kind of API is supported there, and if can 1.4 clients can access those shares? 3. Are 1.4 and 2.0 cleints able to talk with eachother at all? I have read that 2.0 uses a PKI infrastructure, so probably 2.0 type folders cannot be access by 1.4 clients. But maybe there is a way to create type 1.4 folder within the 2.0 version. - verleihnix