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  1. I started using sync when it was 1.3. After using Sync 2 for 1 month, here my likes and dislikes about it: Likes: Android version is more stable for me (In 1.4, I will need to restart Sync often to get it to sync files)Able to control folder permission is useful (though I rarely use it)Dislikes: 10 folders limitation (I think the limit should be >=50) - Fall back to 1.4 is just not a good option, as 1.4 development is more or less end of lifeNot able to make a device under "My devices" to read only (a backup machine do not need write permission for safety measure) - Buying 2 Pro license
  2. Assume I have 3 devices, deviceA, deviceB, and deviceC. All 3 devices were using the same Sync account, i.e. I see all 3 devices in "My devices". Then, I removed Sync on deviceB. On deviceA or deviceC, in "My devices", I am still able to see deviceB. So my question is how can I remove a device (deviceB in this example) in "My devices"?? (as it is little bit annoying to see that) Thank you!
  3. Thanks GreatMarko, it works now. 2.0 is quite a big change in terms on user experience & configuration, may need some time to get use to it.
  4. I really want to try out Sync 2.0, but the following problem makes me falling back to 1.4... In 2.0, on my first device, I share 2 folders (folderA and folderB). folderA and folderB are 2GB each. Then on my second device, I add the new identity, and Sync asks for my default folder. I can see folderA and folderB in my default folder on my second device. But the problem is my default folder does not has 4GB to store both folderA and folderB... In 1.4, this is not a problem, because I can put folderA in driveA and folderB in driveB. So what I am asking, for 2.0, is to allow a device to set