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  1. I have the same errors on my QNAP - seems that it is not only a Synology problem... Maybe a problem of the unix / linux build?
  2. It seems that opening version 2 for the masses was too early... there are tons of bug reports in the message boards out there. I'll hope that they are able to fix them soon, up to now i'm not going to pay for that piece of beta-software.
  3. I've tried the Linux build (not the qnap qpkg) and had also no success... Same error as above :-/. The _64-Builds won't start, but maybe it is okay for the qnap. I am not sure whether the _64-builds should run or not... maybe this error is okay. Hope that the sync-team will find a solution too - i am missing the sync-functionality :-)
  4. For me Sync 2.0 isn't working on my TS-670, too. Linking the device isn't working as expected (i had to refresh the page manual to get to the next screen for choosing the storage path) and syncing is also not working. Syncing a old 1.4-folder: Size is shown correctly in the web gui and the sync is working as expected Syncing a new 2.0-folder: Size is shown as 0byte, sync is shown as finished and the folder is empty... I've already opened a support ticket for providing my logfile. Regards from Germany!