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  1. Have you been able to replicate the wrong default values as seen in the image ? http://imgur.com/ZO9ZhjB
  2. Would be great to be able to run natively on DDWRT Routers since most are used as NAS devices and many of the new ones have more than enough ram and processing power.
  3. However there does seem to be a bug in the default values/reset (see image) http://imgur.com/ZO9ZhjB
  4. Sorry for the late reply - haven't been on forums lately. I am running ver 2.2.3 on rpi2 using epiphany browser. and java7 1.7.0 jdk & jre I do get a javascript:void(0) warning on bottom left corner when accessing preferences Will try on different browsers : Working on Midori
  5. Nothing under the change settings warning: http://imgur.com/eW0Z9Ji
  6. GreatMarko, thanks for implementing this request. However in my case when going to Advanced - More Options -> All I see is the warning about changing these settings and nothing beneath. This might be due to lack of an initial config file - Please advise
  7. Using the free version of Sync, it seems that having all devices linked under one account creates more limitations than benefits. Here's how I see it: Pros to setting up each device individually (not linking devices): Can Connect / Disconnect to a folder at will vs. having it labeled as "paused" if Device LinkedCan set folders on some devices as Read Only vs. not being able to do so if Device LinkedCan have only selected folders shown on each device vs. having them all visible if Device LinkedNot having un-removable, unused or redundant devices under "My devices"In conclusion: When using t
  8. A newly added device is showing no folders currently shared within my other devices. Is this as a result of Pro Trial expiring or is it a bug ? ** SOLVED**
  9. Having same issue in Linux Webui. Can't change folder to SyncAll.
  10. I second this request. Would be usefull to set Folders as read only even if they are in My devices.
  11. Would be great to edit the advaced preferences through the Web UI on Linux like on other platforms instead of through config file. Thanks
  12. Is the CIFS indexing issue solved in the new version ? Having long indexing times when indexing on CIFS mounted network drive. * Edit: I have noticed shorter indexing times over smb when the option "store deleted files in folder archive" is un checked.