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  1. I saw that thread, but in my case I don't want to uninstall BTS I just want to get rid of this MASSIVE file. It's almost 6GB and is the single largest file on my entire SSD. It's taking up nearly 5% of the total space on the drive and windows will not allow me to delete it.
  2. There is a file called ShellExtIO.log in the BTS appdata folder that is growing out of control and I'm not able to delete it. Right now it's 5.8GB and continuing to grow at a steady pace. My SSD is almost out of room and it's causing my PC to become unstable. Is there some way to turn that logging off and delete that file?
  3. Thanks guys. I just thought maybe because BTS uses Bittorrent protocols there might be some backdoor way of doing this. Apparently not. I'll just stick to one of the free clients for now.
  4. I'm a BTS Pro user. Is there any way to download a regular torrent file using it? Or is there any sort of discount on the Pro version of the BitTorrent Client for being BTS Pro user? I don't download regular torrents very often, but every now and then I do. I know there is a free version of the BT Client, but I don't want all the ads and other crap. If there is a way to do it with BTS that would be ideal. If not I'd be willing to pay for BT Client, but $20/year seems excessive for something I'd only use a few times a year.
  5. The goal is to offer a way to generate a read only link to a single file from one of my shares that I could give to one of our customers so they can download the file. I'd prefer an http link to the file so it could just be downloaded with a browser, but I understand that's probably not possible with BTS since it's not sever based. But it has to be providing a tracker of some sort, so it should be possible for it to generate an http link to a .torrent so we could share that. Then the user downloading the file could use any BT client to download the file, they wouldn't need to install BTS or link up with my share.
  6. Yeah in DropBox you just right click a file and it generates a public link that anyone can use to download the file. I realize BTS is not cloud based like DB, but could it maybe generate a public tracker that someone could use a BitTorrent client to download? I've paid for Pro so I'm cool if this is a Pro only feature.
  7. We're transitioning from DropBox to BTS Pro for sharing files in our business. One thing we use on occasion is DBs ability to create a public link to a file. Does BTS have a similar feature? If so how do I use it?