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  1. Someone influential will read this post. If that person is you, read this post in its entirety, for it will be well worth your time. To Whom It May Concern, What you do from this moment will determine whether you get hundreds of dollars from me over the next several years. And not just hundreds of dollars from me, but hundreds of dollars from my family and friends, all at a net customer acquisition cost of $0. Hundreds of dollars for a product whose paying customers supply you with an astronomical profit margin, and whose non-paying customers cost you nothing. Hundreds of dollars, or nothing. You have a rapidly growing thread of five pages in one day (!) comprised in no small part of devoted users of your product who went through the trouble of registering an account (!!!) to voice their displeasure at your organization's failure of integrity. This is no small event. Take heed. Software doesn't sell itself. The enterprise behind the software sells the software, and if I can't trust the enterprise, how can I trust the software? I've written this small piece because I love your software, but when I purchase something I'm not just buying a product, I'm doing business with a company. Will your company fail or succeed at the most basic of customer service? Here's to the hope of future business.