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  1. I am running Sync 2.72 on windows 10 PC. I have several clients used as a backup; in read only mode; overwrite & archive. Some of the clients are Android. Everything seems to work, but on the Android devices I occasionally get a message "Can't download file" and the program sits at 99% complete. I cannot find what file is the problem. How do I do this?
  2. Server support was cut off in version 2.7 for Pro users. See the forum topic "For existing Pro users impacted by the recent change to Windows Server support, we will upgrade you to a version of Sync Business that supports Windows Server for free.
  3. I am trying to sync my apps and I get message that I cannot as there is no certificate or it has expired. I get similar messages on my Windows 10 PC and an Android machine. What's wrong? Chris
  4. I have had this problem. I did stop and restart Sync and all works. No idea what causes the problem. BTW Samsung S7 Chris
  5. Support found a problem with version 2.6.1 and found that Sync can't move old version of the file to Archive, when the folder is located on the SD card. When the file is updated on one of the peers, other peers move local copy of file to Archive which is located in .sync sub-folder of the folder you sync. Version 2.6.2 , which was given to me pre release fixed the problem. Hopefully power consumption on the Android also goes down to earlier usage Chris
  6. I am still having these 2 problems on my Android devices. Does anyone have any ideas? Chris
  7. Has anyone solutions to these 2 issues? Chris
  8. I have files on a Windows 10 PC which I sync to a variety of devices; Windows 10 PC on same network, Windows 10 PC over the internet and 3 Android devices. The WIndows 10 PC all sync correctly. I have 2 problems with the Android devices. All are running version 2.61. Preferences for each folder on all Android devices is set for Use archive and Overwrite changed files. 1.First problem. On the Android device some synced folders are showing they they are downloading and stay that way; the devices never fully sync. I cannot easily see which files are problem without going through every and each folder to see which files are not fully synced. The Sync program on the Windows 10 PC says all files are synced with the Android devices. How can I easily see which files are not syncing on the Android devices? 2. Second problem. I have found some files which are not fully updating. The app on the Android shows they are downloading but nothing happens. It seems the files that I can find have been edited by its associated program; example text editor, Libre Writer etc. If I delete the old copy on the Android device, the new version is instantly synced. How do I make Sync update edited files? Any assistance appreciated. Chris
  9. The new version was automatically installed and all is working now. Regards Chris
  10. When the app crashed I hit the feedback button. I just had a thought. Does the feedback go to Resilio or Android developers? If the later, I apologise for not sending information to Resilio
  11. When the app crashed I sent the logs with comments on 2 occasions for 2 separate versions Chris
  12. I managed to send feedback with logs, once for each version. I have not had a response yet Chris
  13. Just installed the next version. App starts for a few seconds then crashes Could not send feedback
  14. I just upgraded my Samsung s7 to 2.6 and now on startup it crashes everytime. I have never had it crash before. Any suggestions?
  15. There were issues with particular files not syncing and causing higher power usage. Removing the files fixed that problem. Power usage was still more than I wanted. Now I have a macro that only starts Sync when charging and when charge state is over 96%. This works for me Chris
  16. Hi I transferred all the files and ver 2.4 seems to be working. Thanks Chris
  17. @harrisc Can you please give any details? What platform is it - Linux, Mac, Windows? What do you mean - recognized your old version? - is that you saw a message saying "There is old BitTorrent Sync"? Check your old storage to see if the settings are still there. This was on a Windows 10 machine. There was a message like "There is old BitTorrent Sync" or similar. There is still data in C:\Users\chris\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync What is the best way to import the old data? Chris
  18. I just installed vers 2.4. It recognised my old version but nothing transferred over. I cannot find a file/folder anything like sync-v2.3.7-1471003319.backup except sync-v1-159868264.backup from 2015. Do I have to add everything again? Chris
  19. I sent an email, with the logs. I notice that when starting the program it reports 55.8gb 36.5 synced, 16812 files 1323 synced. I left the phone on charge and all became synced. I had turned it off and next time the sync status was similar; many files not synced but only 1 file added Chris
  20. Hi Thanks for the reply. Current settings are: I have Auto-sleep On. I have Go to sleep if no active transfers enabled.Set activity checks every 4 hours I have Sync when charging enabled. On charging activity checks every 15 minutes. I have the excessive battery use with these settings. Chris
  21. I have btsync on an android phone. The sync program is using a large amount of the battery and the phone was very hot. I shut down btsync and then the phone cooled down. How can I keep the battery use down? Can I set btsync to ONLY work when the phone is being charged? Chris
  22. I would like to be able to have web access to each node from any web browser. I would then should be able to browse and the folders/files and view or download files. This would be like Dropbox. For the nodes running on Linux I can access the btsync service, but NOT the files directly. On the Windows node, I cannot access the btsync service or the files externally . Adding external web access to the files on all platforms would be a great improvement. Chris
  23. I would like to see this feature on both Windows and Linux (arm) Chris
  24. I also would like the ability to access the files on any of my hosts from outside the host network. As BTSYNC has/can have a web interface, it would be great if there was a built in file manager. Chris