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  1. Sorry for the OT question, but I'm experiencing same problem here and I just noticed, reading this thread, that you all are writing about 2.5.2+ versions. I have here 2.5.12 on two mac clients and if I check for updates it says that I'm up-to-date, on both machines. Do you think I have one problem more?
  2. I think all our comments are just bytes lost in the web... they will never go back on their decision. There will only be the subscription method...
  3. @Helen Thanks for your response, I hope there will be a fast resolution. In this situation I'm simply launching the app on the two machine when I need to transfer things and quitting when done. It's not to bad to me but a step by step sync at every change could be better. Do you think it could be fixed within next update? when is planned to be released?
  4. I've reported this issue today, after an update i thought could fix the problem but no way... still no sleep on both my machines
  5. I think a price under 50 dollars would be fine! The real question is... is this survey worth? Do you think BitTorrent staff will read and accept a folk proposition? I think they've been blind to this kind of comments, since the 2.0 came out breaking their original promises...
  6. So... no solution? The only thing to do is not leave BitTorrent Sync running?
  7. I don't have debug enabled on OS X. I've tried to enable it, quit the app, re-launch and disable then quit and re-launch it again... Always preventing sleep. This is definitely a BUG.... Have you reported it or find out how to?
  8. I really can't figure out why a "syncing"process is always on...
  9. Absolutely not working: I've tried to set to a higher level (1800 sec - 30 min) while my computers have to stop at 5 minutes. It seems to be a bug. Other suggestions? Is it possible to avoid this situation in another way, not quitting BT Sync app?
  10. Thanks for your response. I've tried several times to reduce the idle interval to minimum (2 minutes) in order to see quickly my machines reaction. It's the same that set that three advanced preferences to a value higher than idle interval. Is it right? However it didn't work... tomorrow I'll try to monitor one of the machines using your tip, even if I think is the same then lower idle interval. Could it be due to something else? Another question: setting those preferences at higher interval means that rescan will happen slower then how it operates now, isn't it? I like to see fast sync,
  11. Since I upgraded to BT Sync 2.0 it's preventing sleep on my two machines, a mini and a macbook pro. This wasn't happening with the 1.4 beta version. Here is the results from pmset in Terminal, with Sync opened: pmset -g assertions 09/03/15 16:45:05 CET Assertion status system-wide: BackgroundTask 0 PreventDiskIdle 0 ApplePushServiceTask 0 UserIsActive 1 PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep 0 InteractivePushServiceTask 0 PreventSystemSleep 0 ExternalMedia 0 PreventUserIdleS
  12. It's exactly what I think, I was also proposing something like you did. Teamviewer was exactly the type of service I was thinking to. This could be the only solution to conciliate who wants to use BT Sync with the initial "terms of use", who is fine with this new subscription system, who is angry for the "betrayal" and BT Sync Enterprise! I'll pay for it because I really love it, but just one time or for future upgrades, not yearly as a cloud service because it isn't a cloud service!
  13. As I told before, for me and my way of using it 10 folder limits is not a problem. The point is that if you say it's a free service and it will always be free with all the features you give and a new update changes the statement maybe you could loose followers. It's the same as Zuckerberg starting asking a fee to use Fb, while it's written on the home page "It’s free and always will be".
  14. I know it's not fair sign in just to grumble, while lot of supporters really did a great job in order to grow this service during the beta testing. Before all, I'm not here to grumble, I'd like to make a really fair purpose I think lot of users could agree with. Why don't pass from "free" vs. "PRO" distinction to a more equitable "home/private" vs. "commercial/business"? HOME/PRIVATE --> unlimited folders shared within personal devices, 10 (or even less) folders shared with others. Sync-all option should be welcome. Free of charge or maybe a one time payment. COMMERCIAL/BUSINESS -->