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  1. Hi there Thanks for chipping in. Basically I want a device identity where LaptopA LaptopB Drobo and QNAP receive all folders as part of a device identity. But I also want to link Desktop1 thru Desktop7 as a device identity. I then want to share only certain folders from the first identity to the second identity. Do you think this is possible: maybe with two licenses? Andrew
  2. I have a question? I would like to link all the iMacs in my pharmacy and the Drobo under one device identity along with two laptops and a QNAP at home. I would then also like to use BT Sync to share folders with other peers who are not part of my device identity. ie. Folders I share to friends I would like them not to be synced to my work 'mesh' Is this scenario possible? Thanks in advance.
  3. Haha. So like the original sync too! Best of both worlds then really. Your 'Mesh' of devices receive ALL folders and if you want to share some folders then use the 'share' option? This is not clear from the documentation.
  4. Thank you for confirming this. I run a pharmacy with seven iMacs with a Drobo at work and QNAP at home. Want BTSync running on servers and then to be able to share certain folders to computers at the pharmacy for the staff. But then have access on both mine and my wife's laptops. How do you share to peer which is not part of your mesh? Is that by sharing the 'key' or whatever term it is? Thanks for replying to my first question promptly too. Andrew
  5. I have been using the BT Sync since very early alpha. I have just updated to 2.0.51 and I do not be able to control the peers correctly. When I click the folder in question and the window shows 6 of 6 as a 'hyperlink' and I click on this then I am just shown the details for the peer that I am currently using. I am not able to change anything for the other peers. Activity: synced with Peer: rMBP- you Permissions:Owner when I click the little 'i' button it shows me details of all the other peers and that they are synced but nowhere I am able to change the status for each peer. Am I missing something? Many thanks in advance.