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  1. Same here. I'd happily buy it outright and wouldn't mind paying for major updates (for example, I've done so twice for Scooter Soft's Beyond Compare - they give major upgrades for half price). I already pay $60 a year for a CrashPlan sub with unlimited cloud (*shock*) storage, but they let me back up to friends for free. Could understand businesses subscribing for software like this - I was seriously on the verge of recommending Sync Pro to some of our clients - but for home users, renting this particular piece of software is nonsensical.
  2. You can disable auto-update for individual apps on Android, which is what I did after reinstalling the v1.4 APK from the direct link AND having to re-add all the lost syncs which the auto-update to v2.0 obliterated. Yea... Oh and mobiles is one reason why the 10 sync limit was ill-thought out imo. You can maybe consolidate folders on a PC easily enough but on my mobile, the read-only 'backup' folders - Camera, Downloads, Whatsapp etc. - need to be in those locations. They take up sync slots on my main PC which I backup to. For one mobile device. Add in the tablet and you run out very fast in
  3. The Android APK on the direct link for this build is truncated and broken (I wonder if BTSync was used to copy it across ). Results in parse error when trying to install. Had to go to the direct link for build 110 to grab v1.4.65. (Yes, I had to roll back coz, in BitTorrent Inc.'s infinite wisdom, they decided to destroy all the syncs I'd setup in v1.4 - including my mobile's backups - when it auto-updated to v2.0. Thanks for that. No intention of upgrading to v2.0 just yet / maybe never / might just ditch BTSync completely, as I have over 10 syncs on my main PC. Thanks again!..)