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  1. A while ago, I'd say $29.95 for pack of 3 licenses, if the source code was open (still using their centralized trackers). Now, the bugs and changing interface put me off, and what really put me off is their 2.0 limit of 10 folders -- I don't trust them anymore. I have been migrating to Syncthing and the future there seems promising. A new windows GUI has popped up (Synctrayzor) in the last few weeks that is much more user-friendly for the average user. It makes me happy. If BT could find a way to monetize something that makes people happy, maybe we could all be happy.
  2. It is so close to what they are doing that it is painful to watch them blow it! There are tons of people here saying they're willing to hand over $40 for a perpetual license for a product! But instead they are leaving. So if you or BT can't figure out how it is different, then you need to stop and think about it. (You can say, the customer is wrong, *harumph*, and be sad and poor that these whiners leave, or you can repair the customer-business relationship, and get them to happily and enthusiastically hand over money. In this scenario, blaming the customer is a needless tragedy.) ..
  3. This 2.0 thing sounds like a turn for the worse, and loss of trust. A lot of us came to BT Sync because we want more control and trust over our data than cloud storage, and want our data on computers we trust. (And many want anonymity and the option for complete decentralization. And the ability to keep using a software/protocol if a company dies or decides to hike fees.) Being an untrusting and do it yourself userbase, we also want to be able to trust the software, as in open source. Closed souce aka "trust us, our code is good" or "we passed an audit once, isn't that awesome, and since
  4. I have half migrated away from BT Sync to an open source competitor that I'm sure people know of. I heard of grumblings about 2.0 and I came here with a bucket of popcorn to laugh at the anger and see what the fuss is about, but then I fired up my Android tablet and found out it auto upgraded (darnit!) and wants me to create an account or something! Yikes! After the shock, I was just about to switch more folders over to the competitor (I have more than 10 total), but this APK link to reinstall 1.4 has bought BT Sync a little more life! Thanks! (A little more time for BT inc to consider un