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  1. First it's the syncing problem from 2.0.81, now 2.0.93 constantly crashes. This makes me think... will 1.4 package from SynoComunity work better? Anyone has experience this? By the way, I guess this might be something to do with the file sizes. I'm syncing over 2T to 5 devices around Asia.
  2. well, that would be a really cool feature if Sync can manage to do that. If we have a decode device to play on TV (say chromecast/kodi) and we can just let the device to download/stream data through EVERY PEERS. would that ever work?
  3. In my case, it's the nas devices that aren't working properly, but I've paid for PRO before installing them. I was too excited. now I uninstalled all the nas devices, wishing if they could just extend the subscription for the time the bug isn't fixed.
  4. I've installed DS415+, DS415Play and DS115j with Sync 2.0.81. None of them are working properly. I've seen the topic with Qnap NAS. Anyone here with Synology? (got too excited when I heard 2.0 came out and bought the pro version, now i'm waiting for the solution... blankly)