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  1. I'm setting up multiple NAS devices for my company. Right now there are 4 devices and we will get 2 more in the future. We have 8 folders for sales team and 5 for accounting and contract and other 5 for designers. It's a pain in the ass to set up every folder one by one just for the same predefined hosts and the check box of "store deleted files". We do not back up the data in every NAS, so I have to un-check every folders. And some folders have different predefined hosts due to their use. And some folders I can un-check tracker, lan and relay to make it pure p2p. It's tedious un-checkin
  2. Guess I just have to wait then... Thanks for answering my question.
  3. ahh... man... The more I use it, more bugs I've experienced... I think something is wrong with the latest update of DSM and Sync.Now all the sync folders that I created before the latest update stop syncing... Will all the problems be solved if I add the lines? I'm having some troubles accessing SSH
  4. I think I'll just wait for the next update release. I'm having troubles connecting to SSH remotely. But I really need this to work soon. Thank you for your help.
  5. I'm having a hard time to make my DS415+ to be approved as shared license peer. The desktop is upgraded and working just fine; however, my NAS just won't upgrade to Pro version even though the desktop and NAS are linked to the same account. I've installed earlier version to try this and still no luck.
  6. First it's the syncing problem from 2.0.81, now 2.0.93 constantly crashes. This makes me think... will 1.4 package from SynoComunity work better? Anyone has experience this? By the way, I guess this might be something to do with the file sizes. I'm syncing over 2T to 5 devices around Asia.
  7. well, that would be a really cool feature if Sync can manage to do that. If we have a decode device to play on TV (say chromecast/kodi) and we can just let the device to download/stream data through EVERY PEERS. would that ever work?
  8. In my case, it's the nas devices that aren't working properly, but I've paid for PRO before installing them. I was too excited. now I uninstalled all the nas devices, wishing if they could just extend the subscription for the time the bug isn't fixed.
  9. I've installed DS415+, DS415Play and DS115j with Sync 2.0.81. None of them are working properly. I've seen the topic with Qnap NAS. Anyone here with Synology? (got too excited when I heard 2.0 came out and bought the pro version, now i'm waiting for the solution... blankly)