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  1. That would work too, with the benefit of working cross platform as well.
  2. I'm looking for a way to pause syncing when I'm away from home on a mobile broadband/mifi connection as I have limited data allowance. My feature requests, in order of preference: 1. Add the ability to pause BitTorrent Sync using Applescript. If this existed I could use my existing scripting mechanism to pause when away and resume when I return home. 2. Add a 'Pause syncing' menu item to the main BitTorrent Sync application menu bar (at present it's only in the menubar extra, and I can't find a way to control that via Applescript) My current solution for this is to quit the entire application when I'm away, then launch it again when I'm at home. Thanks Tom
  3. Hi all, Realised a fairly significant issue this morning when I downloaded Office for Mac, and I have my downloads folder set to sync across machines. As I'm working remotely and using a mifi device, I just burned through 2gb for the download itself, and the presumably another 2gb (or more) to upload it via BT Sync. As I already have scripts that execute when I'm not on my home network, I'm wondering if there's a way to include some Applescript to pause BitTorrent Sync until I'm back at home. I can't see an Applescript dictionary in the app, so wondering if 1) there's any hidden functionality to pause that I might take advantage of or 2) if anyone has done something like this by scripting the UI (either the menubar icon or otherwise). Thanks, Tom