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  1. This may be a redundant feature but still... here goes. A simple lock icon to lock the ability to edit a specific folder. The locked folder is grayed out and dissapears from the list and appears whenever the "show locked folders" option is enabled. I have multiple files to sync and add or delete folders every day. Sometimes i accidentally remove folders that i shouldn't, and there is the chaos of several-dozens-of-folders-appearing-on-my-shared-list thing that i hate. Anyway this shouldn't be too hard to implement and it would help out a lot, especially for us who have certain permanent sh
  2. Well adding a constantly available peer would be more accurate but yes. Thats basically what i would want to see. Btw after fiddling with raspberry pi, python, and visual basic i finally achieved what i wanted.(Well... Sort of) Heres how i did it. 1) I have two 1TB folders containing mostly videos from my cam and movies. (large files but less than a few thousand). 2) On each of my computers (Laptop and desktop) I have this setup. The Single large shared folder, one content index folder containing the index.txt and dif.txt, one inbound-outbound folder. 3) On the raspberry pi i have the buffer f
  3. Hello everyone. I have been using bit torrent sync for several months now. IT ROCKS! The only problem that i can find so far is that at least two devices need to be on for it to work. I solved it simply using a 20$ raspberry pi and a 5$ microsd card sized at 16GB. This of course sets my maximum syncing capability at... 16GB... Not something i can work with since i have over a TB of data that i sync. So i was thinking... Why not use a device as a BUFFER? Adding the option to a single device, to retain information of a file ONLY WHEN IT IS NOT SYNCED TO ALL OTHER NON-BUFFER DEVICES! For exam