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  1. OK, finally I got rid of version 2 via Terminal and I reinstalled version 1.4xx and it works again.
  2. I am willing to PAY no problem at all, but this is a blackmail program in my view. Installed version 2 cannot connect any folder with my NAS, simply no key that I can paste into the MAC app. Get a QR code a COPY that creates something that I don't understand and that the NAS app does not accept either. But then when I try to downgrade the mac app it does not work either. If I cannot solve the issue within the next week I will drop out here and use the Synology Cloud App again because this is not serious to me.
  3. HELP! I have a key from a folder on my synology NAS and I want to paste it into BT sync app on the mac version 2 BUT there is no field where I can do. So what now? I get a wonderful share button that has a COPY button that creates a mess of info that I CANNOT PASTE into my Synology SYNC tab. Congratulation, what am I supposed to do now to get my folders synced. Thank you!!!!