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  1. Yeah, all the .bat and .conf files are in C:\Program files\Bittorrent Sync (with BTSync.exe)
  2. Thanks for the response Marko. I've tried again and I'm still not getting results. Here's what I have in the .conf files: And I'm using these lines in the .bat files respectively: I've also tried changing the listen IP to the one my browser displays when I'm prompted to login. Still no success. I'm running the .bat files while BTSync is off. The command prompt will flash for a split second, but nothing else will happen. Is BTSync supposed to open when I run the .bat files?
  3. Hi everyone, So today I reinstalled a bunch of programs on a new drive I just got. When reinstalling Bittorrent Sync, it asked me to enter a login and password. Now the problem is, I can't remember the password.I tried uninstalling/reinstalling in the hopes that Sync would prompt me for a new login. This wasn't the case. I've had a look through the forums and have found these thread which seem to address my problem. I've followed GreatMarko's instructions, but when I launch the .bat files the command prompt only flashes for a fraction of a second. I've tried launching the .bat files while Sync is on and completely off. If it's any help, the only files that were in my C:\Program Files\Bittorrent Sync folder before I created the .conf and .bat files were "SyncShellExtension_33554517.dll" and "BTSync.exe" (I'm including this because from what I understand there is supposed to be a .sync folder in there too, not 100% certain) I have no clue what I'm doing wrong or why these tips aren't working. How can I reset my password?