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  1. I use Bitorrent to Sync between a Synology NAS (Armada 375/2.2.5) and my Laptop (Win 7 64bit / 2.2.7). If i delete a File on my Laptop it gets sended again from NAS to Laptop. Can't get it to stop .. what can i do?
  2. Networkmap (Routing: OSPF) (NAS4: ofc .... ) PeerList NAS1 PeerList NAS2 PeerList NAS4 I got 4 Sites connected thru VPN. Every Sites is using a Synology NAS which hosts BTSync (every Sites has its own ID). I wanted to share some Folders with every Sites and set up a read/write Access from NAS1 to NAS 2/3/4 but just NAS 4 is downloading the files. NAS 2 and 3 are telling me, that they are synced but they arent. No files were ever transfered to them. Nas1: DS414 (ArmadaXP) <-- BTSync crashes alot but thats another Problem. NAS2: DS710+ (x86) NAS3: RS812+ (Cedarview) NAS4: DS115j (Armada370) Delete the Link and reconnect doesnt help. Reinstall doesnt help. Every Sites has the same Router with the same Settings and every NAS has also the same Settings. I really dont know why NAS4 is working and NAS 2 and 3 arent.