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  1. Hi, is there a way to sync files encrypted or over an secured connection? I am using btsync 2.0 between devices and 1.4 on my server at the moment. Even if I sync only with known hosts and/or over my server, someone could sniff things, couldn't he? best regards
  2. Hi, I just used your instructions (btsync already installed) to "save" my 1.4 setup... Now I have found out that I can't add my new folder (on my desktop) because it's 2.0 and my server is running 1.4 with 1.4 folders ... since several people are using this now, I don't want to change it back to classic to protect the others from the hassle... What do I have to do to change it to the old repo to get the 2.0 update? Will my old 1.4 classic folders on my server stay the same?