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  1. Hi @kramttocs, thanks. In advanced setting, there is a setting to copy keys instead of links. I used the key that was copied from the Camera Backup on the iOS app, got it syncing to the computer running 1.4.x. I should note though, that the key copied from the iOS device Camera Backup feature is actually a read/write key. This is unexpected. I believe it should have provided a read key only. The iOS app does not reveal the read only key, but the 1.4.x software will. So, I removed the link, then added it again using the read only link.
  2. Is it possible that someone could update us and confirm whether BTS2.0 on iOS is in fact compatible with BTS1.4.x Windows?
  3. So, I feel like I am screwed. I had a similar setup, 1.4.111 running on a server, and now my iPhone is running 2.0. There seemed to be issues connecting to the server, and there was a dead device in Camera Backup list (which was I believe the previous instance of iPhone running 1.4.x sync). I could not get past the first screen when launching 2.0 post upgrade, could only link an existing or assume it was a new device. I did the new device just to get past that screen. I decided to unlink and uninstall everything and start fresh. Installed Sync 2.0 on iPhone, sent link to my email, and now when