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  1. @stephaneklein I got it in the main screen settings, not in the share settings. See screenshot below. The "camera backup" option is default in the smartphone GUI at startup, if you haven't setup anything yet.
  2. I also had the "Unknown error 205" on my Android but I think I found out the right order and what to scan now: * In the GUI (webpage here for my Debian Linux); click on "Settings"; select "My devices..." * In this popup screen; click "Link device" This is the QR you need to scan with your SyncApp (2.0) : Straight after the initial install of the app it will offer you to either link with another device using sync 2.0 or setup a new identity with sync 2.0. Select to link with another device / existing identity and scan the above QR. You will be presented with the directories that you want to sync. Let me know if it works