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  1. Did a non-geek test this software? It is amazing how many bugs are included. I paid 39$ for a software that either does not deliver or fails to deliver without flaws. The iOS camera backup module stops syncing, the program produces lots of conflict folders though only 1 version of the folder to be copied exists, large files simply vanish into thin air, removing the program completely ruined my desktop layout (lots of files and folders were deleted). Maybe all of those errors can be avoided by telneting into some magic debian linux programming environment and entering totally obvious and easy program steps and mounting tons of virtual disks and deleting registry lines... All of this is not my cup of tea, I want to use this program as a non-programmer in a professional environment. Looks like I have thrown my money out of the window. I am very disappointed. Looks like money can buy brains, as the (probably considerably better funded) guys from Dropbox have delivered a working program. Yes, I know that my files are on their servers, and yes, I feel kinda uncomfortable with this. But I rather have a file reliably stored on a Dropbox server than sent to data heaven with Bittorrent Sync. I have paid my share in funding you for a further year, wake up and deliver, otherwise not only I but a lot of others will have moved on.