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  1. Thank you for your reply TrivisionZero. I installed Sync 2.0 yesterday to try it for filestorage. By mistake I selected the desktop folder (yes, I mean folder by map). So I deleted it. Sync deletes the folder from Sync itself but also from my computer. It's gone, not in the recycle bin, not in the archive folder. Just gone. Is there a way to get all my files back without using recovery software? I thought Sync was an awesome program, but it f**ked up all my important files. It will cost me a lot of time and money to get things right. There were very important files on my computer for the tax collectors. Thanks Bittorent!
  2. All my maps and files are removed from the desktop (start) when I was trying to delete the desktop map from sync. Anyone have any experience with this problem? There were a lot of important company files on the desktop map and now there are all gone! I checked the archive, but couldn't find anything. Also the trash can on my computer is empty. Hope anyone can you help, because I got a big problem! Thanks!