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  1. Yet further down that same page you linked, Sync All is listed as a pro feature as well.....
  2. fds do you have proof of that because that's not what the "Sync FREE vs Sync PRO" help page says. Just want to be sure as there is a bit of risk riding on this.
  3. The only way I can get the folders to sync as in 1.4 is to turn on sync all. This is listed as a Sync pro feature, and there is no way to test to see how this will behave in 25 days when the compulsory trial runs out. From reading the Folder Synchronization Modes help page it becomes less than clear. There are disconnected, connected and synced modes I am assuming controlled by the disconnect/connect button and the sync all toggle. Can anyone confirm if you can have sync behaving as in 1.4 in the free version of 2.0 once the sync all toggle disappears? Disclaimer: Very apprehensive as to the direction Sync has taken since 2.0 has gone live. Keeping an eye on syncthing as a drop in replacement if it all turns to shit after the remaining 25 days of the trial are up.
  4. Hi SpangleJ I suspect that sync all is a pro feature. Do you have "Sync | xx days remaining" on your windows client? ie pro trial. I have read the help pages on sync free vs sync pro, and folder synchronization modes and it is less than clear as to how they are supposed to work in free mode.