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  1. Hey guys, Not sure if this discussion has moved elsewhere, if so let me know. It looks like BitTorrent has released v2.3, which brings the encrypted syncs in to the GUI, so we dont have to generate them manually. Is this likely to roll in to the builds we're working with here?
  2. I'm running the 1.4 Server unofficial package on 3 servers, and have ran in to a strange issue: Server A: all R/W syncs Server B: all R/O syncs Server C: all R/O syncs Server B and C are my read-only off-site backups. Recently I had a storage failure on Server C, and had to re-sync all of my Sync folders. the OS and therefore BTSync config was unaffected, only the mass-storage containing all the sync data. I fixed the storage, and since it was mapped to a new location, all the syncs on that node showed "Storage unavailable" (or 'path unavailable'? something like that). So I just removed the
  3. I second this! @tuxpoldo thanks for all your hard work and continued support on this build. I'd love to upgrade to v2.0 when available.