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  1. Yeah, I'm planning to either do this or request they push back my renew date. The application is utterly broken for my uses at the moment.
  2. Nope, but I experienced this today. The logs showed that my macbook, which has 0 files synced to it, deleted about 5000 files from my main BTSync server. WTF? I can't believe how much these guys broke such a great application while exiting beta.
  3. I am experiencing the exact same problems with android syncing folders. It's ridiculous. I am getting upset that I paid for this, 1.4 had impressed me. Who changes an application enormously in the exit from beta, rather than during beta?
  4. Yeah, I just upgraded to Pro before tackling setting all of this up. Now I am hoping this can be resolved very quickly because 1.4 was working just fine for me. I never had any issues re-syncing folders or re-setting up the application from scratch(Other than the date modified timestamps being messed up) until now. Oh, I just tried re-syncing them the old way, and it didn't work. On my phone, I pressed the "+", then "Add a Folder", then I scanned the QR code for the folder i'm trying to sync, and then set up the folder info. I am getting an error when I finally press "Add Folder". "Unknown Error : 106" Also, while I'm at it, the inability to remove peers that have been disconnected is annoying. I added one of my folders incorrectly, and then disconnected it. I have no way of removing that record at all, keeping the interface showing "1 of 2" peers, regardless of whether that peer is ever coming back.
  5. This is similar to what is happening to me. The difference is that it's my Android device that is not adding the folders. I just went through and removed all my legacy 1.4 stuff and set my NAS back up with 2.0. Seems to be working fine otherwise. Anyway, I am now on my phone. I wiped Syncs app data and went in and deleted the hidden sync folders. The Synced folders are still there. Now that my NAS is set back up, I have linked all of my devices. So my Android phone sees the proper list of my folders. I have simple mode deactivated. When I click on one of the disconnected folders in the Sync App, it prompts me to choose the folder name and location. This has changed slightly in 2.0, so instead of picking the exact folder as a location, you pick the parent folder and then specify the folder name that will be synced. I don't understand why this change was done, but whatever. So anyway, when I choose the correct location and name of my existing folder that has all of the files already, and press "Add Folder", nothing happens. It returns me to the list of folders, and the one i just attempted to set up stays disconnected. I don't see any way to enable debug logs on my Android phone. And I really don't want to delete all of the files off of my phone and resync them, because then they lose all of their "Date Modified" tags, leading to the order of the images to change on the phone(which is another gripe of mine, but I doubt that can really be fixed).