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  1. Hi @Helen: Thanks, that is very considered of you. Resilio Sync Support's answer pushed me in the right direction. The problem seems to be, that as the partial downloads of a file are saved in .sync folder and are moved to there correct location after download completion... this file-move action is not supported cross-partition (meaning .sync folder lies on a different partition as the resulting location of the file). A workaround seems to be 'mhddfs'. mhddfs combines several disks/mountpoints into one folder/virtual file system. With this, moving the files from .sync folder does not seem to be a cross-partition action for Resilio Sync anymore, since apparently mhddfs (or the underlying fuse) takes care of the cross-partition action. This is my working line in /etc/fstab: mhddfs#/mnt/disk1,/mnt/disk2 /project fuse defaults,allow_other,nonempty,default_permissions 0 0 Thanks to Support for the help. Kind regards Oli4
  2. Hi I'm having trouble syncing a folder and need a push in the right direction. The error seems to be: [20170310 14:40:01.541] JOURNAL[6733]: TorrentFile: failed to fix suffix on file "/project/.sync/5C0C2B65DC5EA2243F5F16A5CC5A4B1C8E355121.!sync" ("/project/mount1/sub1/sub2/test.conf") - 18 The rslsync user is the owner of the specified folder /project and its subfolders. Write tests to the specified location as the rslsync user are also successful. Starting rslsync as root also led to the same error. The folder project on the failing machine is structured in the following way: /project /mount1 Mountpoint with option --bind to /mnt/disk1 (in /etc/fstab) /sub1 Subfolder on /mnt/disk1 /sub2 Subfolder on /mnt/disk1/sub1 /folder1 local folder in /project /mount2 Mountpoint with option --bind to /mnt/disk2/folder1 (in /etc/fstab) /mount3 Mountpoint with option --bind to /mnt/disk2/folder2 (in /etc/fstab) /folder2 local folder in /project As said, all the folders and also all the mountpoints are owned by rslsync (chown -R rslsync:rslsync /project) Can anyone push me in the right direction, where to look for the error or better yet the solution? Does anyone know this specific error? Do I have to specify options when mounting the mountpoints via --bind? Is mounting via --bind not supported anymore by Resilio Sync? The version of Resilio Sync is 2.4.4 (732) on Debian Stretch 9 installed via the official deb-package repository. I'm also attaching the full excerpt from sync.log concerning this problem. As you can see, Resilio Sync is constantely trying to create the file, failes and tries again. Thanks for your help. Greetings from Germany Oli4
  3. Hi I'm using btsync to backup my Mac OS X data onto my home server (worked without any problem for two weeks). The home server only stores the files and does not change or access the files in any way. Therefore I'm also syncing my ~/Library folder. Today the Apple Mail settings seem to be corrupt as well as the Internet Accounts settings. Can anyone tell me how file locks are handled by btsync on Mac OS X. Is a file still writable for Mac OS X during a btsync sync process? Or are the files locked during an upload process, so that the process that automatically updates the setting files might crash? Might it be another btsync related problem, that I'm not thinking of? Thanks for your help. Greetings Oli4