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  1. I do have the same errors in my log. The syncing works but I do have an issue on my NAS with hibernation. This error seems to wake up my NAS. Have you solved this error in the meantime?
  2. Do you also have the upnp error messages? I have set my NAS to go to sleep after 10 min and it does. Only it seems to wake up after 20 minutes by bitTorrent sync.
  3. My NAS (215j dsm 5.1) is woken up each 20 minutes by bittorrent sync (latest release 2.0). I added to sync.conf "config_refresh_interval", "config_save_interval" and "folder_rescan_interval" with high values but without effect. After searching for a day in logs I found a pattern in the wake-up of the NAS and an error in the bittorrent sync.log. A few seconds after the following error (in the sync.log) the message "internal disk woke up from hibernation" is posted. [20150311 22:26:38.156] UPnP: Device error "myIP:5000/ssdp/desc-DSM-eth0.xml": (-2) [20150311 22:26:38.299] UPnP: Device