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  1. Due to a bug in the damn thing my BTMusic folder on all devices are read only. There's no way I can connect it in a read-write way. Is BTSync 2.0 forcing this in some way? For some 1.4 folders to be read only when you add a new device? Some other folders arewritable. I couldn't find an option to get the "write" 1.4 key in the Linux 2.0 client, so I made it a 2.0 folder. I feel dirty now. I had no real choice though.
  2. Oh do you think you're safe with the paid version? With 2.0 they came up with the pro version, but no changes to any logic needs to be made to come up with a platinum version. Like I said, they are comfortable with limiting existing users of a particular plan (in this case the only plan: the free one) in an update. There's no guarantee that the free one will not get any further limits. I already said that, but the same applies for the pro version. There is no guarantee, and even an enlarged risk of the pro version being limited in updates to make room for a more expensive platinum or so versio
  3. I'm responding to a really old post here, but I think this reasoning deserves some extra attention. Perspective points A, B and C are all about how BTSync is better than anything else. The reasoning is that this justifies everything? They are in a power position, does that give them the right to abuse it? No it doesn't, and even if the 10 folder limit was otherwise a good choice, this would not be a valid argument for it. No one is denying the deceiving, not even the people defending the decision. Have another perspective to this deceit: (to show that we people are not just "throwing dirt")