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  1. I don't think calling it promotion is the right world. No body is making money off of telling people to use Syncthing. This is simply a community of people who like to discuss and share, and so it is with every discussion people offer advice and or alternative ways of doing things. It just happened that Syncthings is one of such solution. Actually, I think it would be quite productive for Syncthings to model their software after Sync (in terms of functionality). I have no problem with people making comparison, credit is giving where credit is due and in this case I would admit that currentl
  2. Automatically choose for you? I was always giving an option was to where I'd like to put the folder in, maybe you skipped a step? I did this for myself, wife and my sister and every time it asks me where I would like to place the folder.
  3. So I use the BtSync to backup all my photos into the computer, I then delete them (on the phone) from time to time to save space. However, I just noticed that there is actually no way for me to access the backed up photos on the computer (the ones that I have deleted), from the phone itself. Is there a way to see them via the iPhone sync app? Am I missing something? There seems to be workaround, but I want to know if there is a way to access the deleted photos directly from the iPhone sync app. Thanks.
  4. Sorry if this was mentioned before, I looked around but I wasn't able to find anything. But I think it would be nice if BTsync for iOS can include location photo upload just like the dropbox app. I love using btsync to upload photos from the phone, as matter of fact during my last trip (I did about 8GB during the trip). But it was rather annoying having to remember to open up the app, and opening up wife's app as well. This would be a great feature for iOS. Thanks.
  5. Could you briefly describe when you say syncthing can't handle the 5TB and 14 nodes? Just curious. I will admit that syncthing isn't as ready as Btsync.
  6. You bought up a very good point "selective sync" as a useful function, and not a purposely placed limitation on the software (10 folders limit). This is exactly what many people have talked about, if you want to make a pro version and charge for it, that is fine, but do add more functionalities to the software, instead of going back on their promise and limit the software.
  7. I'd say let your money do the support for you, if their model works and people are paying up then so be it, but if people are leaving them then they will have to do the necessary adjustment. I personally have no problem with whatever they want to do with their marketing strategy and whatever they see fit. My only real concern is that they weren't completely truthful when it comes to 2.0 (which is still okay with me), however, it is actually the action from the company that worries me. Never mind the subscription fee, or whatever limitation they did to that software. I don't feel that I can