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  1. Jespinoza...send me an email at ywuw2486 at hotmail dot com. Happy to help any way I can.
  2. For myself. The 10 folder limit was only the beginning. I have followed this project with great interest for several years. I have 7 servers across several geographical areas syncing and replicating roughly 20TB of content, and hundreds of folders, and users. As others have said...My power, my hardware, my bandwidth. I am delighted to contribute, but not to rent. As shoop83 said, it was the anonymity that gave the project it's initial appeal. Simple to use, largely scalable. But most of all PRIVATE. 2.0 and this poorly conceived money grab is so bad that I don't see you ever recovering from the distrust you've engendered. It's difficult to imagine that the intelligence that brought us to 1.4.111 could be the same stupidity that conceived 2.0 and it's so called "features". Subscription? For what I ask? Luckily whenever there is a release like this I always test it in a virtual machine first, and the only casualty of the 2.0 upgrade was my IOS devices which automatically updated before I could get the word out to my user base. Unfortunately I can't revert them to the working version of the software. In the mean time I've secured my copies of the last working version of the software for every platform possible including a private btsync tracker so that I can maintain my configuration till Syncthing reaches the level of development that 1.4.111 was at before it was ruined. I will be moving on, trust this badly betrayed can't ever really be regained, but would like to give a heart felt thanks to the developers. Great work up until 2.0. First rate piece of code. I'm sorry to see the project die this way. So much potential. But on the bright side think of how prominently you'll figure in college courses on business in that chapter entitled "How to ruin your company and alienate your user-base quickly and permanently." I speak for all of us when I add btsync 2.0 to that lofty list of business flops that include: New Coke Clear Pepsi Microsoft WebTV Plus Windows Millennium Edition Lifesavers Soda Coors Mountain Spring Water Apple Newton Sony Betamax Ford Edsel Farewell btsync.
  3. NeoXiD, In light of the unfortunate developments surrounding btsync 2.0 your work on a private tracker has become more important than ever to those of us who loved btsync the way it was before it was ruined. I hope that you'll continue development on this important tool. I've managed to get it running, however the status page does not display any information in the fields (no fields really, just column headers). It isn't of terrible importance, but thought you should know. I'm using btsync client 1.4.111 Warmest regards, Mike