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  1. btsync has a `--log` parameter. I'm pretty sure you can use it to specify an alternative location for the log file. you can further specify the storage path for btsync in a config file. use `btsync --dump-sample-config > btsync.conf`to get a sample config file. use the "storage_path" option in the file to specify the storage location. you can then launch btsync with `btsync --config <your-config-file>` to apply your config file.
  2. I ended up creating a new identity in the BSD box and linking the other devices to this identity. It was a bumpy ride though. Sometimes linking didn't work with one device but with another. My Linux box wouldn't link at all in the beginning, then on the third round it suddenly worked. Activating my Pro license didn't work on the BSD box but later on the Linux box. Right now everything seems to be linked and rolling. Fingers crossed.
  3. GUI is working. But I'm unable to link the new device to my identity. After entering the key manually it says 'connecting...' forever. I couldn't find any suspicious entries in btsync.log. Also the log indicates that the device successfully establishes connections to other devices. I'll keep investigating.
  4. @knightscove the GUI package needs some fixing first. Only the new server package `btsync-core` is upgraded to 2.0 so far.
  5. @josh4trunks just out of curiosity, is there going to be the possibility to install the 1.4.x branch of the btsync plugin on fresh installs?
  6. Still happening in version 2.0.93 (current version from the website).
  7. Yes. `btsync-gui` has something called dependencies. It means that it depends on other packages (e.g. `btsync-common`) which will automatically be installed first.
  8. As far as I understood `btsync-core` is the 2.0 server package. You are not supposed to use it on a desktop like you do. You will run into a couple of issues, like file ownership and permissions. Instead you should install `btsync-gui` when its ready. As tuxpoldo pointed out earlier there are a couple of issues with the GUI that need fixing first. Can somebody confirm what I just wrote?