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  1. Same issue here. We are pro users with multiple licences in our company: files get deleted on one machine, and on the other we have found the .bts leftover files... renaming those .bts files resolves the issue, but a few days later other files are missing... We are seriously considering dumping BTSync as this is too much of a show stopper for us. Regard Bernhard Sturm
  2. Ok... I could solve it: the problem was that I didn't tick the 'Install Desktop Icon' checkbox. I could start it with simply clicking on the btsync.exe in %AppData%\BitTorrent Sync\ folder Bernhard
  3. we cannot install the windows version here. The upgrade function gives an error, that there was a problem with downloading the new version and we should check for the latest version. We did, and we downloaded the version there. But after having run the installation wizard, nothing happens, and the version had not been installed. uninstalling the old version and installing a new version did not help either. rebooting all the machines did not help either. Now we are stuck. Any help on this? thanks Bernhard
  4. Hi, I have the same issue here: a large folder (>40GB) will always end ub with a "110foldererror". It used to be a 1.4 version folder, then I disconnected it, and set it up as a v2.0 folder. The error came up when it was a 1.4-folder (of course only wiht btsync 2.0), and after several disconnect and removal actions it still shows the 110foldererror.... This is somehow annyoing, as it synced ok with btsync 1.4 any chance to solve this issue?