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  1. I have no access to the server ATM, but I will check it as soon as I have it up and running again (SSH remote reboot did not succeed...) I use a Debian Jessie Distro (Debian 8.0). And I did already do a dpkg-reconfigure btsync which did start the daemon for a couple of minutes, and then died at some point. This is the same behaviour as if I do a service btsync start.
  2. @Silvenga: thanks a lot for the new repository. Installing worked like a charm, I had to restore the original init.d script in order to let it run. But I have the problem, that the process dies after a few minutes.... I have no idea why? I tried removing --log sync.log, but this did not resolve the issue... It seems that the daemon dies, and the process is handled by the Kernel as I get active(exited) after a service btsync status But the web administration doesn't work either. So I think I missed something here? Any ideas? Thanks Bernhard
  3. Okay... I have found the error. But it's rather strange. My system tells me that I have a x64 architecture: uname -m x86_64 So I always downloaded the 64bit binaries. it never worked. Out of curiosity I tried the i386 binaries: it worked! So I don't know who is to blame here: my uname or the repository at BitTorrent...
  4. It seems that the instance 'debconf-default' could not be loaded. btsync as a daemon seems to run with version 2.1.3, but not the instance of it. Why could that be? root@something:/etc/btsync# /etc/init.d/btsync status‚óŹ btsync.service - LSB: btsync Service Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/btsync) Active: active (exited) since Sun 2015-08-23 11:20:14 CEST; 7s ago Process: 22078 ExecStart=/etc/init.d/btsync start (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)Aug 23 11:20:14 something btsync[22078]: Autostarting btsync instance 'debconf-default':Failed to start btsync instance debconf-default - ... failed!Hint: Some lines were ellipsized, use -l to show in full.
  5. Completely agree with this... I know that Bittorrent has partnerships with NAS-manufactures, and that there are actually supported btsync-builds, but we don't want to buy a NAS-system in order to create our own cloud. Therefore an offical btsync-daemon for Linux would be a great thing from BitTorrent. @noiime.. yeah it might be an ownership issue... I will try it once again. Thanks a lot for your input and help.
  6. @knireis: any idea why it fails for me? Just a hint would be great. I saw that @tuxpoldo did update his git-hub-repo with upstream notes to version 2.0.125 in June. So he seems to be doing something there, but it's true, we can not rely on him alone.
  7. @tuxpoldo: any chance that you update the PPA with the latest version from btsync? I tried manually to overwrite the btsync-core with the latest version on my Debian box, but it didn't work (I get a configuration file error...). We really need to have btsync up and running, and I don't want to switch to a NAS. This is the error: root@neo:/tmp/btsync_daemon# service btsync start[....] Autostarting btsync instance 'debconf-default':[....] Failed to start btsync instance debconf-def[FAIL- please check the configuration file /etc/btsync/debconf-default.conf ... failed!What do you think? Bernhard @noiime I tried your workaround with v2.1.3 but it failed: after starting btsync again, I get a configuration file error... Do you know where one can get previous builds of btsync for linux? Thanks Bernhard