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  1. What I'm asking is this: suppose User A wants to share a bittorrent sync key on a public forum, or in some other context where he/she doesn't know who will be accessing the content. To ensure the content is not tampered with, User A only published the read only-secret. Lets say User B comes along and syncs to the folder. As User B is a malicious fucker he/she edits some important text document to exclude important information. Then User C comes along. At the time, User A is not online, so only User B can seed the folder. What does User C get? Just an empty folder until User A logs back in an provides the authentic file? Or will User B connect at all? What is the standard procedure when files conflict with the original when using a read only-secret?
  2. Hey. This might be a stupid question. But what exactly happens if a peer with read-only access to a folder modifies or changes it's contents? Or if a large number of users attempt to do it? Is it possible to fake content without the read/write-key in any way? Thanks for the clarification.